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User Attributes via Eye Movements

❓#DidYouKnow that…. 

The eye movement (EM) of a person can be recorded by an #eyetracker device while looking at different stimuli. 👀

🛍 There are various applications of eye-tracking #research

It is used in marketing to find the optimal placements of products in supermarkets. Also, they are used to optimize advertisements and evaluate web page design. 👀

🏥 Eye-tracking has been used to improve design spaces from a cognitive perspective, for example, to optimize the design of large buildings like hospitals to allow visitors to find paths from one point to another easily. 👀

📈 It has also been used in clinical research and predicts existing disorders, e.g. autism, dyslexia, and Alzheimer's.  👀

Eye movements are different for each person. The recorded eye movements from two different humans reading the exact text are shown in the accompanying image. This clearly demonstrates how much eye movement behavior changes from person to person. 👁️

🎯 Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence methods, it has been shown recently that the users can be identified by analyzing their eye movement trajectories with an accuracy of up to 96 %

Eye-tracking data can also be used to study gender differences  👀

For example, on average, women read slower than men but are more exploratory than men. Such differences can also be exploited to predict the gender of a person with up to 77% accuracy with #machinelearning #classifiers

To know more about predicting user attributes via eye movements, check out this thesis:

Contributing Editor: Sahar Al Zaidawi, Women in AI & Robotics #Bremen volunteer.

Congratulations, Sahar Al Zaidawi, on the success of your Ph.D. dissertation! 🎉


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