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Women in AI & Robotics at the AI.BAY 2023 at Deutsches Museum

Published on Mar 3rd 2023

On Feb.23rd & 24th, Women in AI & Robotics exhibited at the AI.BAY 2023 AI Congress at the Deutsche Museum. Thank you baiosphere for the invitation, we are pleased that diversity in technology - especially in AI and robotics - plays an important role in Bavaria's ArtificialIntelligence ecosystem. The Bavarian State Minister of Science, Markus Blume, the Minister for Digital Affairs, Judith Gerlach, and the Minister of Economic Affairs, Hubert Aiwanger, were in attendance and presented the outstanding potential of AI in Bavaria. One of the best highlights was finally meeting Bavaria’s Digital Minister Judith Gerlach, a true leader and role model. We were happy to meet with many of our partners, supporters and community members.

Find our Linkedin post here

Women in AI & Robotics launches Youth program.

Published on Dec 19, 2022

To increase our impact on the mission of increasing the participation and representation of Women in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, we have launched a program for youth within our community. “We are passionate about AI/Robotics and want to impact the youth community. We help build leadership experience, interact with experts and professors and collaborate with other Youth organizations and programs. And we look forward to engaging and collaborating with UN Women youth organizations as well." - Women in AI & Robotics Youth. We congratulate QB, Vicky, Charlotte and Houzzy for spearheading this initiative and look forward to amazing activities in 2023!

Find out more here

Introducing the RoboArt Winners 

Published on Nov 18th 2022

On Nov. 4th - 6th Women in AI & Robotics held its first cross-Atlantic Robotics hackathon, RoboArt. The hackathon took participants on a journey into robotics, where they learn more about robots and how to create art! 15 participating teams worked to develop their artistic robotic application using the simulation tool on a three days journey between tutorials, coding, application development, and talks from robotics researchers, experts and entrepreneurs. We congratulate all the teams for taking this opportunity to learn something new, have fun and collaborate with many in our global community. We are proud to introduce the 3 winning teams for their teamwork, problem-solving and dedication to complete the challenges. We are grateful to NVIDIA, Acrylic Robotics and Clearpath for sponsoring the prizes.

First in-person event of Women in AI & Robotics Berlin, in collaboration with Hertie School Tech Society.

Published on Nov 13th 2022

On November 10th, the Women in AI & Robotics, Berlin chapter hosted its first in-person event. In collaboration with the Hertie School Tech Society, we organized an event that was centred around entrepreneurship and how to find your co-founder. The attendees and the organization teams enjoyed an insightful and interesting evening through a keynote by Antonia Wälzholz and a dynamic panel discussion moderated by Hertie's Giulia Annaliese Paxton. Panellists included: Faruk Tuncer, Lilla Szulyovszky, Dr. Susann Funke, Teresa Baumann, Darina Onoprienko. Thank you for sharing your personal stories. There was an active part where our guests got to be active themselves: In a speed dating session, they met many other individuals that are interested in becoming a founder. Thank you, Charlotte Kaiser, for leading this event organization with Linda M. Jaeck, Giulia Annaliese Paxton, Paulina Boéchat, Jakob Ludwig Albrecht, Julius Werner Dr. Maria Börner for your efforts and contributions. #ai #berlin #entrepreneurship #artificialintelligence

TÜV-Verband and Women in AI & Robotics to partner for AI conference 

Published on Nov 11th 2022

🗓️ Save-the-date! Nov.23rd, 2022 🗓️ We are excited to announce the Women in AI & Robotics collaboration partnership with TÜV-Verband for the upcoming AI Conference on November 23rd. 🤝 We appreciate the opportunity to present Women in AI & Robotics, the first German Verein and commitment maker at United Nations for increasing the percentage of women in artificial intelligence and robotics. 🙌 We will contribute by: - Presenting Women in AI & Robotics at an online booth - Provide a workshop on trustworthy ai, by experts in our community - A presentation by a robotics entrepreneur from our community Thank you, TÜV-Verband, for this opportunity and your outreach to civil society organizations, promoting diversity in technology. We look forward to learning from this event's amazing lineup of speakers and presenters. We invite everyone in our community to sign up for this online event soon!

Sign in to TÜV AI Conference here

NVIDIA sponsors Women in AI & Robotics RoboArt Hackathon winners with prizes!

Published on Nov 6th 2022

Late breaking news! We are excited to announce that the AI giant NVIDIA has sponsored prizes for the RoboArt Hackathon; NVIDIA is a global leader in artificial intelligence hardware and software. It is vastly known for the design of graphics processing units (GPUs), which are used in cloud computing and supercomputers in a variety of application fields, such as architecture, engineering and construction, media and entertainment, automotive, scientific research, and manufacturing design. The RoboArt Hackathon is about getting young and diverse talent to work on challenges in robotics and solve them with creativity and art. We are happy to have the opportunity to unite in this mission with leading tech companies like NVIDIA and appreciate their dedication to increasing diversity in this field.

Read more about NVIDIA:

From Smart to Art: Clearpath Robotics and OTTO Motors join as sponsors at RoboArt Hackathon

Published on Oct 25th 2022

We are happy to announce that two companies joined our RoboArt Hackathon as Sponsors: Clearpath Robotics and OTTO Motors. Clearpath Robotics was started in a basement by students who loved building robots in university and wanted to make robotics research easier. Their mission is to provide a world-leading development ecosystem for mobile robotics. With their autonomous indoor and outdoor robots, they develop real-world solutions and improve robotics research, 3D Mapping in Mars simulation, or using robots for mining excavation. OTTO Motors focuses on the design of flexible and intelligent autonomous mobile robots for the industry to help manufacturers tackle labor shortages, scale their business, and outperform the competition. The company is awarded, among others, as Canada’s top employer and Deloitte’s Fast 500. In our first Cross-Atlantic Robotics Hackathon Women in AI & Robotics is looking to foster the relationships between our partners across the ocean and bring diverse talent in touch with cutting-edge technology companies.

Read more about Clearpath Robotics and OTTO Motors

Women in AI & Robotics proudly announces the first Sponsor of the RoboArt Hackathon: Kinova

Published on Oct  20th 2022

On our way to growing young robotics talent, we are fortunate to have onboarded Kinova as a sponsor for our RoboArt Hackathon. Kinova develops robotic solutions that bridge technological savviness with deep consideration for human safety and well-being. Founded in 2006, Kinova started with the launch of a robotic arm, Jaco, and changed the paradigm of robotics by creating safe technologies with a human-centric purpose. Now, the growing company leads with innovations for industrial robotics and automation, medical robots, and research and education. In 2022 the company launched the first Canadian industrial collaborative robot. In our first Cross-Atlantic Robotics Hackathon Women in AI & Robotics is looking to foster the relationships between our partners across the ocean and bring diverse talent in touch with cutting-edge technology companies.

Read more about Kinova here:

Women in AI & Robotics Team won WomenHackAI Hackathon and 7.000 EUR in prizes

Published on Oct 6th 2022

Congratulations to our team from Women in AI & Robotics that ranked first and won 7.000 EUR in prizes at the WomenHackAI Hackathon. The challenge was to detect the anomalies in Siemens’s financial Time Series Data. The teammates Mobina Mobaraki, Anne Krus, Gwladys Djuikom, Nathanya Queby Satriani, Saarah Abdulla, Hanin Al Ghothani, and Farah Tahir brought their skills and expertise from many different countries and backgrounds together to solve the challenge using state-of-the-art hardware and software. They developed 3 scalable AI Anomaly Detection models along with a user interface to show the anomaly points on a given data. It was a 52-hour nonstop competition organized by Siemens company which is being led by the mission to increase the presence of women in AI. Among various sets of solutions like an AI-powered Webcrawler, a "Void Tracker" to create missing GPS data to detect rail track defects, and a model-based News-Recommender, the solution of our team convinced the jury the most!

Find out more about the WomenHackAI challenge at

Women in AI & Robotics Team at the SICK Solutions Hackathon

Published on Oct 6th 2022

Can robots smell? Yes, they can! AI Nose for example is able to do it, as our team explained. And in a combination with a mobile robot, it moves following the smell. Once the robot finds the smell it was looking for, it gives a notification – a solution that can help detect drugs, but also gas leaks, or help in the farming of different plants. The team emphasized how much the professional set-up at the hackathon supported the creation of their idea. The SICK Solution Hackathon gave young talents from universities and startups a chance to bring in their way of thinking and creating new ideas. More than 100 participants from 16 countries who were given just 48 hours to develop innovative IoT solutions. Together with hack coaches from well-known industry leaders such as Bosch Rexroth, SAP or Trumpf, the hack participants were competing in the contest at SICK's Sensor Intelligence Academy near Freiburg in Southern Germany.

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