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AI revisits the Mind Body Problem

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

❓ Did you know - that AI revisits the Mind-Body Problem?

👁‍🗨 Human intelligence is what enables us to be creative, think on our feet and weigh our options in a decision process. While #AI is supposed to model the human brain with artificial neurons and nodes, it has long surpassed us in what us humans have a hard time doing: finding patterns in large quantities of numbers.

❔But can AI be truly creative while painting, write poems and can it reason?

💡 AI can do some of these things with appropriate training. If a process, like writing a poem, can be boiled down to a well-defined procedure, AI can simulate it and add randomness, seemingly making something new out of what it had seen before.

❔ But is imitation of these processes a true expression of a “consciousness”?

🧠 The mind-body problem demonstrates the difficulty of describing consciousness and thought in terms of physical processes within the human brain. The notion of #dualism separates the mind from the body, and thus ceases to describe mental processes biologically.

🎬 Here’s a short run-down on the mind-body problem:

🤖 A notion that goes hand in hand with the opinion that somewhere down the line, some computers will become more intelligent than most people, is the notion of #superintelligence.

👀 While mostly portrayed as an apocalyptic raging robot army, superintelligence is when #artificialgeneralintelligence surpassing us humans once again, but on every level of what makes us human, including creativity and reasoning.

💥Some resources:

💬 Interview and podcast “Will AI change - or eliminate - the mind-body problem?” with philosopher Angus Menuge.

📖 Elisabeth Hildt from Illinois Institute of Technology promotes the importance of consciousness within the mind-body problem in: “Artificial Intelligence - Does Consciousness matter?”.

🔴TEDTalk by Janelle Shane on (why) “The Danger of AI is weirder than you think”.

Contributing editor: Christina Cociancig

Women in AI & Robotics core team member

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