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AI Adoption Skyrocketed

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

❓ Did you know that adoption of Artificial Intelligence continues to grow, post COVID-19?!

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of data #analytics and #artificialintelligence (AI). From the challenges brought about by COVID-19 pandemic, reaping rewards from AI are noticeable. In order to benefit more from AI, we need more #data. This leads to smarter AI #algorithms which contribute to more benefits in the industry such as improvements in decision-making, achievement of cost savings and increment in operational efficiency.

🚀How AI adoption has skyrocketed?

🔸Many industries flattened by Covid crisis such as manufacturing industry, hospital services etc. are facing skill shortages. AI in #automation jobs has already begun to help fill skill shortages and in addition, help employees to carry out existing jobs or processes, faster and more efficient

🔸AI is capable of addressing the supply chain issues that hit the economy during Covid crisis. Shortages and price spikes in the red-hot semiconductor industry to lumber shortages, constrained the world economy. #AI-driven supply chains will predict and prepare the industries for the future trends, thereby replacing manual methods of monitoring supply chains

🧭 Did you know about AI assistants empowered by Rasa for a post-covid world?

🔸Rasa is an #opensource conversational tool to build custom AI chatbots using Python and natural language understanding (NLU). It provides a framework for developing AI #chatbots that use #NLU, by allowing users to train the model and add custom actions

🔸During the pandemic, the largest payment app, Picpay in Brazil distributed aid to families across Brazil using #Rasa AI assistants

🔸 Using AI assistants, World Health Organisation (WHO) offered instant and accurate Covid related #digital information to >20 million concurrent users, besides the multilingual support

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Contributing Editor: Women in AI & Robotics community member Archana Mujumdar

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