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Women in AI & Robotics is a Global network of experts and professionals in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, working towards gender-inclusive, ethical, and responsible solutions that benefit society.

Our mission is to close the gender gap in AI & Robotics and increase female representation and participation through mentorship, education, hackathons, and startup accelerator programs.

We are a proud commitment maker and Coalition Partner of UN Women for Gender Equality.

04 - 06 Nov 

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Our first Cross-Atlantic Hackathon brought to you by teams from Germany & Canada

Facts & Figures

  • 750+ Global community members on every continent.

  • 38 core team members and growing

  • Headquarters in Munich and chapters in BerlinBremen, Stuttgart and Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Waterloo, and many more are launching in 2022.

  • Conducted a 17 week long Entrepreneurship program with 40 female entrepreneurs in the cohort from Feb-May.

  • Official partner of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence - ​Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz


Our Programs

Accelerate Program

This is an Educational program, providing future entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, mentoring and network to successfully realize their startup/business idea in the AI sector. We encourage interested women of all professional backgrounds and career stages who are thinking about or have set their sights on becoming AI entrepreneurs.



With our mentoring program, we offer participants qualified and personal support from professionals in the areas of career advancement, technological know-how, computer science, AI, machine learning, company formation, etc. The mentors are from the Women in AI & Robotics community of members, partners and supporters.



We are currently building an educational platform to foster knowledge sharing. We plan to have trainings offered by members who are experts in different AI disciplines and for different aspects, e.g. AI & Ethics, Bias, Transparency, Computer Vision, ML, Deep Learning, UX Design for AI, Social Impact, AI & HR, and many more. 



We organise various meet-ups, panels discussions with leaders in the field of AI, hackathons, and hands-on workshops. These events are organised at local as well as global levels, and are open for everyone.


Formal Partners